In Loving Memory of Cindy Graham

Cindy Lee Graham died of an aggressive brain tumor in February of 2020, leaving behind a family of twin sons and her husband. She courageously donated her tumor and other tissues in the hope to inspire others, and accelerate development of treatments and cures for glioblastoma.

Cindy’s gift helps drive research to give hope to others.

Cindy’s gift provides resources to fuel research into glioblastoma, an aggressive cancer of the brain. Her donation of tumor and and associated tissues help to fuel research efforts to find treatments and cures to other families may defeat this insidious challenge.

Please Support Cindy Graham Research and Scholarships

The Cindy Graham Research Fund
Ongoing research at the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario will analyze the tissues donated by Cindy to further innovative approaches in treatments and cures. This funding supports the research of Dr. Sheila Singh in her quest to better understand, treat, and potentially end, glioblastoma.

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The Cindy Graham Glioblastoma Research Fund
Funds donated here will support scholarships for students interested in solving critical problems in human health.

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